Top 7 Benefits in Systematizing Your Computation

In former stage of calculations in any form, organizations are computing their inputs manually. Some businesses, small and medium alike, built their own software to leverage their task in computing what is a common flow such as payroll, billing, collections and even reports.

Growth in business is in different views. Other companies’ growth is based on ROI and increase in number of employee. While in some industry like self-employed medical practitioners, the trust of patients according to the good service that they lend will automatically increase in loyal patients. Loyal patients are “not the same person” visiting the clinic but people who loved to refer the Doctor or the specific clinic to the person they are closed to. By having that, task in queuing, billing, and collection is becoming a huge responsibility. Most of the problem is that, medical practitioners tend to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant to create reports, billing and accounting related tasks for them.

If you are having in mind of owning the task of save time and money, the question is not “Why systemize?” rather, “Why not?” Here are the few points that would greatly impact your task management by using a system.

  1. Quick billing to hospital, HMO partners & patients

No sweat in preparation and sending of billing to your hospital and HMO partners. You can set up billing with your company or personal logo. Send the billing to their email using UMD system. Export the billing and save as PDF for your file safekeeping, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

2. Easy monitoring of collections and unpaid billing

Record your collections in UMD and know how much revenue you have already generated from exercising your medical professions. Reports are also available for monitoring all unpaid billing you have made and sent. It helps you to monitor and manage your tax accountability.

3. Easy to use

Manual inputs using excel of paper works can be a burden to your calculation process. Think of what the system can give an impact to your usual task if  you could just put the data and let it do the job for you accurately. This could save your time and money.

4. Patient Scheduling

Some clinics are using queuing machines to manage patients’ time in meeting their doctors. By doing so, lines both in public and private clinics are being over the number that’s supposed to be.  This might not be a great deal but …

Doctors are not excused in 24hrs to manage per day. Through a systematized patients scheduling, doctors or their secretaries could schedule, monitor and track the patients visit. Great deal? Yes. The system will help you to be reminded of your schedules that results to patients’ service satisfaction.

5. Secured Data Privacy

Your information is secured with UMD as this is compliant with Data Privacy Act Law. The system is supported with the latest security tools. You don’t have to worry about your “taxes”, oops! You have your copy.

6. Customer Happiness

You can contact easily our customer happiness team since we are only located in the Philippines to address your concerns and satisfy your needs as fast as we can.

7. Fast and Easy Access

As long as you have internet access, you can access your financial records anywhere you are. UMD is a stored in a cloud based system which allows you to make and view transactions where ever you are.

#1 Pitfall: 

“I am a medical practitioner and not an accountant”

Doctors have their ways in complying and computing their bills and taxes. Some hire a professional CPA while some have their software to personally track and monitor their income and expenses as well to comply to the government mandatory as self-employed practitioners. 

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