Top Important Features For Your Clinic Accounting System

Clinic records in the Philippines are most likely managed by the Medical Assistants. Some qualifications have the medical background and accounting for the billing and managing of collections, while some are non-accountants and just eventually learned the process in time.

Have you ever wondered about transferring to a system wherein your tasks could process easier for you?

Here are the tips for the important features you must have in your clinic accounting system:

Quick Billing Feature

This feature will transcend you from uphill of bills to paperless transactions.  The good thing about this is you don’t have to spend time writing much, waiting time and looking for the papers where you have written the transaction. No more calculators at hand because the system will compute it for you. Hassle free? YES

Easy Monitoring Feature

To measure one success, monitoring is the key. In searching for any system, Dashboard is very vital. Track your success and improvement factors.

By using an accounting system, your collection and unpaid bills speak of your asset. Manage your asset by weekly or monthly monitoring

Patient Scheduling and Information Management

Clinic systems must have collated data of its patients. Your record will set you in advance for the next patient visit. By having a queuing number or a system that could schedule patients, it will lessen the time for the priority citizens to wait for a long time.

Imagine, how easy this will be for the Senior Citizen and PWDs if they have the confidence that they no longer have to wait much lest there will be an emergency. In fact, this will add value to your patients.


Store your file on the web and access anytime. Be in even when you’re out. Have that tool that you can access your files and dashboard wherever you are even while on vacation.

Budget concern

As you help your patients with their health, help your pocket as well by having a budget-friendly tool that suits your needs. Unlibooks Medical offers its features and benefits for FREE!

Know it more here:

Accounting Reports

Make it a full blast! Search for a system that could also work with non-accountants. Creating an accounting report is not that easy for them. It will take a lot amount of time to record, compute, file and go through all the processes to finish an accurate report.

Look for a system that will help you and your assistant stress-free in reporting.

No wonder why some boost their productivity and motivation easier by systemizing their tasks. Perhaps, the reason you are reading this is because you are searching for a tool that could help you to get done with the process faster and easier.

Key Takeaways:

Have this feature in your Medical Accounting System:

  1.  Quick Billing Feature
  2. Easy Monitoring Feature
  3. Patient Scheduling and Information Management
  4. Web-based
  5. Budget concern
  6. Accounting Reports

You can see these features in one system, Unlibooks Medical. It’s FREE! You will just simply create your account for your clinic and start using it.

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